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Southtowns Woodcarvers of Western New York

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South Towns
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Meeting: Tuesday, September 5, 2017 6-9 P.M.
Elma Senior Citizens Center, 3007 Bowen Road, Elma, New York
PLEASE do not send mail to the above address
Guests and Visitors Welcome

 September 2017  Club Website:   Issue # 485 

Click on the Link below for a printable version of September's Newsletter

click here to download September's News Letter


September, Bob Miller will review Carving while traveling and Steve Caruana Wood Burning in October

Club Project

Clinging Crosses and Comfort Birds will be the Club Project this year.  Finished pieces will be donated to Nursing Home and others who would appreciate them.

Club Fall Seminar

We’re looking for people interested in being an instructor for the fall seminar.  Let Joe Babulski know at the meeting if you are interested. There are six instructors so far.    If you are an instructor, please get a sample of your project ready to be displayed at the fair.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors Meetings September & October following the regular business meeting.

Christmas Party

I know it’s a ways away but we are looking for a Christmas Party Chair.  Please let Dan know if you are interested.

Community Requests

name: Emir Mulahmetovic
topics: Just recently bought a property in Blasdell and chopped down one of the dead trees in my yard. Left a tall stump, about 4 - 5 ft tall. Would like to carve a lion or something really cool. Would like estimates on this type of work. Please email me if you know anyone who can help

name: Darlene Maclay
topics: We live in williamsville and have a dead Ash tree that has been cut down to a perfectly erect 10 foot stump and we would like to have it carved. Do you have anyone in the area who you would recommend? Thank you

name: Ted Zulawski
topics: I am reaching out after a conversation at the Erie County Fair. I have a 30 foot long, 14x14 inch hand hewn log in my creek that was part of an old mill. It washed out this spring. Is it worth salvaging? Selling?

name: Sara Johnson
topics: We will be cutting down 2 black walnut trees in the next few days. They are nice and straight. They are about 4"-7" in diameter at the base and abut 20' high? My neighbors would like to use them for fire wood but I thought there might be someone who carves that might like to use it. Do you think any of your members would be interested? I am in North Buffalo.

Please contact Bill Scudder for further information if interested in helping with any of these requests    

31 present at the August Meeting

Tylor Kurlewicz won $25.00 in the split drawing

If you have something of interest to the club that you would like included in the newsletter, see me at our meeting, contact me at 
716-689-6795 or e-mail at

Bill Scudder

Upcoming Events

September 30, October 1 Club Fall Seminars

October 3, Nominations for Officers

November 7 Election of Officers

December 5 Christmas Party


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Ken Kohl


Joel Falkowski


Joe Reimers


Dottie Kohl


Sally Bachowski


Joe Giolando


Sally Bachowski


Sally Bachowski by Steve Caruana
August Demonstration